As I embarked on my artistic journey, shape and value emerged as my formidable tools of expression. However, my experience as a printmaker brought forth a revelation – the profound impact of color in painting. The strategic addition of additional plates of color breathes life into my artwork, imbuing it with depth and allure.

Exploring the intricacies of the grey scale within darkroom work awakened me to the power of contrast – a vital element that molds my artistic creations, defining shapes and instilling a sense of depth.

When embarking on a new piece, I draw inspiration from curated photo banks, seeking out captivating shapes and colors. During significant chapters of my life, I gravitate towards painting vibrant florals and captivating bouquets, a process that allows me to later transition seamlessly into landscapes or abstracts. While I hold abstracts in high regard, I am attuned to the preferences of my audience, often shaping my creations to align with their tastes.

Color harmony and value remain pivotal in my artistic approach. With a deliberate hand, I meticulously mix paints, shunning direct use from the tube. By incorporating compliments, greys, blacks, and whites, I fashion pleasing color combinations that resonate harmoniously. Building upon the initial application of gesso, I employ the palette knife technique to bestow additional depth upon the objects in my paintings, masterfully crafting both background and foreground dimensions. To captivate viewers, I ensure that the main subject garners intricate detail, enabling it to command attention and stand out from the canvas.

While I humbly acknowledge that my art often garners favor through its visual appeal, it refrains from making overt political statements. Instead, my intention lies in creating a sense of harmony, offering artwork that effortlessly integrates into gallery spaces, homes, or office environments, eliciting a warm and inviting atmosphere.



Cynthia Uden hails from the quaint town of Hastings, Nebraska, where she spent her childhood immersed in activities like working with horses, swimming, and embracing the joys of youth. After graduating from her local high school, Cynthia pursued her passion for art by enrolling at Northern Arizona University. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in her hometown.

Following graduation, Cynthia began her career as an ad compositor at the local newspaper. Eager to expand her artistic skills, she pursued summer classes at UNL/Lincoln before setting her sights on the renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There, she specialized in printmaking and was honored with the esteemed Heldman Scholarship. After a year of artistic exploration, Cynthia returned to Hastings and secured a studio space at the Burkholder Project in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Cynthia spends part of her time working as a cashier at a local store. She finds inspiration through her travels and visits to museums and galleries. Closer to home, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes and tending to her small vegetable garden, embracing the agricultural essence of Nebraska.

Cynthia adeptly caters to the prevailing preference for representational art in her region, leaving behind the more fantastical aspects of her art school days. In her current work, she dedicates herself to painting and drawing, but has studied a diversity of mediums including photography and ceramics. She actively participates in the local art club and showcases her work at the Red Path Gallery in Seward, Nebraska. Additionally, Cynthia maintains an online presence through her websites on All Artworks and Saatchiart, with her primary web address being

Cynthia warmly welcomes connections with fellow art enthusiasts and invites you to reach out to her via email at


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