For me, at the beginning of my artistic endeavors, shape and value were my strongest mediums....however after working as a pritmaker for several years I became aware of color in a painting.  The addition of additional plates of color could enhance a piece and give it more depth.

  I became aware of the grey scale  in  darkroom work and the the several shades/steps of greys, whites and blacks.  The importance of contrast was stressed and used to create depth and define shapes.

 When beginning to create a piece I often look through photo banks and find pleasing shapes and colors...if I am at a major place  in my life I will paint florals and bouquets until I am ready to return to landscapes or abstracts.  This is not saying I do not value abstracts but that judging by the audience likes and dislikes, I am apt to create something more to the audience' tastes.  Color harmony and value are important to me and I try to mix paint and not use directly out of the tube, adding compliments and greys, blacks and whites to create more pleasing color combinations.  After the initial application of gesso, oftentimes I enhance the painting with palette knife application to the objects in the painting creating  more background and foreground depth.  It is also important to create interest by making sure the main subject has more detail and stands out more.

  I admit that my art is usually pleasing to the eye and doesn't make a political statement. Rather that it creates a sense of harmony and would be a welcome addition to a gallery, home or office.

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